Gastrointestinal surgical suction pumps with continuous and intermittent functioning (60 "ON – 30" OFF), designed for nasal-gastric suction, for the removal of solids, liquids or gases from the stomach or small intestine, inserting a gastrointestinal tube through the nose.
They are indicated:
a) to decompress the stomach or intestine before and after the gastrointestinal operations when intestinal obstruction is suspected,
b) to obtain a sample of the gastric contents for analysis,
c) to remove toxic substances,
d) to empty the stomach during gastrointestinal bleeding or poisonings.
The suction pump is low-flow, medium-vacuum, oil-free (OIL-LESS). The case is in epoxy painted AMAGNETIC ALUMINUM and is equipped with four wheels, braked and/or antistatic.

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